Infection Control

We work directly with CMC Hygea, a medical device company that designs, develops and manufacturer unique healthcare products for use in clinical and community settings.

Together, our mission is to develop and deliver unique, clean, hygienic and safe products, which make a significant contribution to infection control and prevention throughout the global healthcare system. The use of silver ion technology impregnated into plastic, allows us to produce unique, clean and hygienic products that continuously inhibit the inevitable growth of bacteria seen on all non-sterile surfaces. Cross contamination from hands and the environment may pose a problem for vulnerable patients especially those with open wounds.

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PathAguard® LUCA® Liner

PathAguard® LUCA®

Polyethylene Liner for Infection Control

This is an effective method for aiding the cleaning and treating of lower limb ulcers and wounds, inhibiting the opportunity for Pathogens to grow on the product.

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