Vestibular Autorotation Test

The best diagnosis for your patients, the profitable solution for you.

VAT-ENG Plus allows physicians to test for central nervous system and peripheral vestibular involvement as well as receive a corneo-retinal potential value in just under 25 minutes. Given that 33% of seniors fall each year and two-thirds of falls are preventable, you now have an opportunity to diagnose and recommend treatment/rehabilitation before a traumatic injury occurs.

Benefits of the VAT-ENG Plus System

Complete diagnostic evaluation of Peripheral Vestibular, Central Nervous System. The patient sits in a chair for the entire test.

Consistent Reimbursements
Established and verified CPT codes for reimbursement from Medicare and private insurance. Reimbursement from $200-500 per test with the ability to retest where appropriate in 30 days.

Time Efficient
This test can be completed in 15 – 20 minutes and is typically performed by a MA. Physicians simply need to review some “at-a-glance” test results and data interpretation.

Portable and Small System Footprint
Tests can be performed in most exam rooms. System can be easily transported to remote locations or between offices.

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