Allergy Testing

Our partnership with Wayne Memorial Hospital and Spiriplex allows us to provide our clients with allergy testing services to help differentiate the diagnosis and target treatment.

When used in conjunction with patient history and physical exam, Allergenex results offer objective evidence to help rule in/out atopy as the cause of allergic symptoms, select appropriate targeted treatments for allergies, identify specific allergic triggers, and implement targeted exposure reduction methods. With Allergenex, you will receive a national respiratory profile test for 26 food allergens, 37 inhalant allergens or a combination of 63 food and inhalant allergens.

This service is currently only available in Pennsylvania. More areas to follow.

Value of a Positive Allergic Result

  • Identity specific allergens to reduce exposure
  • Formulate an appropriate therapy plan based on objective evidence indicating an allergic cause
  • Decide if and when referral is appropriate

Value of a Negative Allergic Result

  • Rule out allergies and get to the underlying cause
  • Formulate an appropriate treatment plan based on objective evidence indicating a non-allergic cause
  • Decide if and when referral is appropriate

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