Focus Healthcare Products is a Trusted Business Partner

Offering a variety of sustainable medical technologies and solutions aimed at improving your bottom line and contributing to planetary longevity.

We are a medical sales consulting and green sourcing company incorporated in Western Pennsylvania that delivers excellence to healthcare clients throughout the entire United States.

Focus Healthcare Products makes it easier and more affordable for every hospital, clinic, and medical practice to have the very best equipment, supplies, and services geared towards a sustainable future. Our focus is to provide the highest level of customer service by identifying and understanding our customers’ needs and sustainability goals. Then delivering technology and services that align with these needs to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, protect the environment, and improve patient and caregiver satisfaction – ultimately, aligning best practices with our client’s goals.

Our experience is extensive; we have over 50 years of combined experience with numerous modalities in multiple areas of healthcare.  We’re dedicated to taking this experience and directly applying it to reducing the carbon footprint of the healthcare industry, utilizing technology to improve global ecology, divert waste streams away from landfills, and eliminate cost-heavy operations & outsourced contracts. We promise to represent our business partners and planet Earth with professionalism and the highest level of integrity.

We have strong business acumen, combined with a consultative approach. Healthcare continues to evolve, and the skill set required to be effective must also develop and align with a changing healthcare landscape, changing environment, and value-based care.

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The Triple-Aim of Sustainable Healthcare

Improving Population Health

Improving Patient Experience

Reducing Cost Per Capita

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