Eco-Friendly Products with People & Planet in Mind

Tackling sustainability in healthcare requires a systemic revolution. To reduce the medical industry’s environmental burden, we believe that innovative sustainable technology and entrepreneurship will be at the epicenter of any course of action. Taking old processes out of frame and ushering in modern solutions & sustainable technologies that put the environment first is of the utmost importance. Eco-Smart healthcare is the future, providing premium care to the planet and people.

Focus Healthcare Products has gathered a portfolio of sustainable technologies, with more coming on board aimed at eliminating waste, reducing energy consumption, and helping medical facilities become Eco-Smart. We take a hard look at specific operations that tax the environment, are needless expenses, and then we provide recommendations on sustainable technology alternatives that can improve your bottom line.

Ozone Clean Waste Systems

Ozone Clean Waste Systems

Clean Waste Systems provides healthcare facilities with a cost-effective efficient medical waste treatment solution that converts bio-hazardous waste to harmless waste.


Close the Loop with Polycarbin. More than 12 billion pounds of scientific plastic waste is generated globally each year and to solve that problem, Polycarbin has created a circular process that is engineering waste out of the scientific supply chain.

Sterilis Solutions

The innovative medical waste disposal solution for healthcare providers that have made sustainability a top priority.

Blue-Zone Technologies

State-of-the-Art anesthetic collection service and canister technology that provides complete, easy to install, solutions for capturing and recovering the waste produced from anesthetic gases.

Harp Renewables

Harp Renewables combines electrical engineering expertise with renewable and proprietary biotechnology to provide a better, cleaner, and more sustainable alternative to traditional waste disposal. With multiple sizes to choose from, organizations of all sizes can benefit from the power of Harp Renewables Bio-Digesters.


Ultraviolet Technology

We supply healthcare facilities with an array of UV technologies that reduce spray & wipe waste while improving disinfection efficacy.

KleenEdge Solution to KleenEdge Curtain Protocol

Bio-Degradable & Recyclable Smart Curtains

The KleenEdge curtain exchange program is state-of-the-art, using propietary software to streamline curtain exchanges, reduce the spread of infection, and reduce waste.

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