A closed loop solution for scientific plastics.

In today’s labs, most every piece of plastic is treated as a single-use consumable. Plastic waste is a tremendous issue because these single-use plastics spend most of their lives slowly degrading in landfills. These landfills contribute to air pollution and ultimately, negatively impact our quality of life.

Enter Polycarbin. A one-stop shop for laboratory plastics and a truly circular option acting as both an input and output commodity used to manufacture and re-manufacture products time and time again. This assists hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in replacing a high carbon footprint product with a low carbon alternative.

Currently, biotech and pharmaceutical companies emit around 200M tCO2e and discard greater than 12 billion lbs. of rigid plastics each year. This lead two University of Pittsburg medical students to drop out of school and solve this critical issue. Since 2019 they’ve been dedicated to engineering waste out of the supply chain, from the point of production to the point of disposal.

Polycarbin is making a significant impact by providing a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics. The company’s products are manufactured using a closed-loop process, which reduces the amount of plastic waste in landfills. Polycarbin’s commitment to sustainability has made it a popular choice for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies looking to reduce their scientific carbon footprint.

With Polycarbin, companies can take a proactive step towards reducing their impact on the environment while also improving their bottom line. By using a circular model, Polycarbin is helping to create a more sustainable future for all of us.

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Alpha Carbin

The simplest way to lower your carbon footprint by using Alpha Carbin for your used Pipette boxes. By using Alpha Carbin, we’ll take old boxes and make them new, drastically reducing waste.

Alpha Carbin Diversion Guide
Alpha Carbin Instructions

Polycarbin offers an effortless solution called Alpha Carbin, aimed at customers worldwide who wish to participate in the circular economy by returning their used tip boxes for remanufacturing into new ones. When you purchase Alpha Carbin, you will receive your bins, accompanied by prepaid shipping labels. All you need to do is fill the bin with your empty pipette tip boxes, pack it up, and return it!

Alpha Carbin is designed for empty pipette tip boxes of all colors, sizes, shapes, and brands, including their lids. Polycarbin also accepts other polypropylene (#5 Plastic) components of tip boxes or refill systems. For more information on the acceptable materials, please contact us.

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Beta Carbin

Polycarbin’s Beta Carbin service includes boxes with pre-paid shipping labels to provide a simple, Closed-Loop solution for your lab’s rigid plastics.

Beta Carbin Diversion Guide
Beta Carbin Instructions

Polycarbin’s Beta Carbin is an extended service provided for partners worldwide, enabling them to participate in the circular economy and expand their impact by adopting circular practices for their rigid lab plastics. Upon purchase customers will receive their boxes (available in clear or color) along with prepaid shipping labels.

The Beta Carbin is exclusively designed for rigid lab plastics. The material needs to be sorted into two categories: “clear” for natural, non-dyed plastic, and “color” for non-clear material, and then placed in the appropriate bin. It is important to note that the material must be non-hazardous and non-infectious, rinsed thoroughly, and dried before placing it in the bin.

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Gamma Carbin

The Gamma Carbin mailback service allows your lab to take one step closer to zero-waste by keeping nitrile gloves out of the landfill and incinerator.

Gamma Carbin

5 Gamma Carbin bins can hold upwards of 6,000 nitrile gloves and divert these from landfills and incinerators. Using the Polycarbin Carbin Counter, you can track and measure your lab’s progress of reducing its environmental impact.

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