Eco-Friendly Solutions with People & Planet in Mind

Providing the best equipment to healthcare providers is our promise to you. Focus Healthcare Products procures sustainable technologies, infection prevention solutions, and other medical equipment designed to protect our planet, improve the patient and caregiver experience, and improve your facility’s bottom line. Our products are continuously tested, regulated, and ingrained with scientific evidence. Explore all of the ways Focus Healthcare Products can evolve your facility into a thriving, net-zero, Eco-Smart environment.

Ozone Clean Waste Systems

Ozone Clean Waste Systems

We have partnered with Clean Waste Systems to provide our healthcare customers with cost-effective, efficient medical waste treatment solutions.

Advanced Lighting Solutions

Blue-Zone Technologies™️

The premier waste anesthetic gas capture system. Providing hospitals with a circular option to reduce emissions stemming from the operating theater.

Harp Renewables

Where electrical engineering meets biotechnology. Thermophilic aerobic digestion & waste treatment solutions that are a sustainable solution for organic waste streams.


Close the Loop with Polycarbin. More than 12 billion pounds of scientific plastic waste is generated globally each year and to solve that problem, Polycarbin has created a circular process that is engineering waste out of the scientific supply chain.

Patient Care Products

Sustainable Infection Control Equipment & Supplies

We provide hospitals and healthcare facilities across the United States with reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly infection control equipment and supplies.

Patient Care Products

View our suite of patient care equipment ranging from procedure chairs, anesthesia machines, C-Arm/Fluoroscopy equipment, and more.

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New & Refurbished Medical Equipment

New & Refurbished Medical Equipment