Healthcare Artificial Intelligence

We provide healthcare artificial intelligence solutions to educate our clients on how to increase efficiency and improve their bottom line.

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to build adaptive, multi-strategy systems to improve effectiveness and efficiencies across the healthcare continuum. Our AI-driven platform applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to live sensor data—video, audio—to inform and educate individuals and groups in real-time on critical steps to be taken in order to improve situational outcomes.

Our InhalerAI™ product offers instruction for patients using asthma inhalers, providing real-time feedback and guidance on proper device use.

FlowTracc™ provides a real-time analysis of live events and locations of people and objects within an environment.


We design and deploy AI-powered cognitive information agents (chatbots) to help you improve customer service with automated chat functions that serve up fast, accurate and engaging answers and conversation.

Mobile Apps

In this mobile-first economy, we put the power of AI right in your customers’ hands with smart mobile apps. We design, code, test and implement game-changing applications using agile software development so you can get to market quickly.

Machine Learning

Teaching machines to learn from data is driven by powerful algorithms and models. Unlike some companies who offer a singular solution, our approach tests multiple models to determine the highest performance so you see more results.

Natural Language Processing

As the voice interface becomes the consumer’s preferred method of input, we’re prepared with the latest in speech recognition solutions that help you create natural, conversational and data-driven interactions with your customers.

Video & Image Analysis

By analyzing video and photos, our intelligent solutions can identify, connect and predict – adding powerful data to your arsenal and giving you a competitive advantage.

Smart Offer Engine

Video & Image Analysis Create more digitally engaged customers with Smart Offers that are tailored to their individual preferences, purchase histories and interests. No more mass advertising – this is true one-to-one marketing driven by artificial intelligence.

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