Advanced Lighting Solutions

We supply healthcare facilities with a new era of advanced lighting solutions made possible by efficient and reliable LED technology.

Focus Healthcare Products is here to help you find the latest LED lighting technologies, lighting controls, and more from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. Our direct partnership with eParts Lighting allows us to provide you with the best products to help you increase the operational efficiencies of your healthcare facility while improving your bottom line.

Contact us today at 412-760-0034 or complete the form to learn more about how we can provide your facility a true advantage in patient care. To become a member of eParts Lighting, click the button below.


Advanced Lighting Solutions

General Healthcare Lighting

We provide high-quality lighting solutions available in the healthcare industry and offer lighting systems uniquely focused on the well-being of the people in care environments.

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Advanced Lighting Solutions

Patient Care Lighting

Our advanced lighting solutions provide patient comfort and safety while maintaining the energy efficiency expected in customized healthcare facility designs.

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Advanced Lighting Solutions

Ultraviolet (UV) Lighting

Our partners design and manufacture a complete line of UV lighting systems that reduce, and even eliminate, harmful pathogens within healthcare environments.

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